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Why not transform your passion for travel into a lucrative and rewarding entrepreneurial business venture with executive level income potential? We’re a trusted name in travel, using our breadth and coverage to negotiate highly competitive travel deals and passing those savings onto you and your customers.

We give independent business associates all of the tools, resources and support needed to run their own profitable home based business in luxury travel. Discover the pride in owning your own home-based business while helping consumers make smarter travel choices. Share your knowledge and deliver real value while working the hours that are most convenient to you and your family – full-time or part-time.

Promote the joy of travel and tourism!

Become one of our select business owners who take pride in retailing an exclusive travel membership that offers consumers luxury holiday escapes worldwide at prices not available to the general public. Receive a complete ‘getting started’ guide, a turnkey website and step-by-step training designed by travel industry experts. Delight your customers by saving them thousands of dollars on travel to popular global destinations and exotic getaways.

Explore a new lifestyle.

If you crave freedom, new experiences and flexibility, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is perfectly suited for you. Try it on and see if it fits. Answer emails from a local Internet café, along the beach in Cancun or at the park with your children. You can work from home around your childcare and family responsibilities. Travel with your family and friends to exotic locations and benefit from exclusive associate-only discounts. Run your business from any location working the hours you choose. We can help you achieve your personal and professional best, enjoying the ultimate work/life balance.

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Don’t just start any business. Launch the right one.

We empower individuals around the world with the tools, resources and support they need to start their own business and work from home, on the road or any location they choose. We work hard to foster win-win relationships with the best-of-the-best in the travel, leisure and hospitality industries, acquiring deals on popular vacation packages backed by bulk purchase agreements. Using collective buying power, we’re able to pass those discounts onto our business associates and their customers.

Provide an experience. Share a memory.

Our business associates share their passion for holiday travel while benefiting from the rewards of working for themselves and earning continual streams of passive income. Flexible hours and working conditions are ideal for parents who want to spend more time with their children, professionals seeking a second income stream or entrepreneurs ready to branch out into the rewarding field of business ownership on a full-time basis. As one of our select business associates, you, too, will be able to access the best travel deals on the market.

Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step business start-up guide!
Turnkey marketing tools including your own ready-made website and printed collateral!
Behind-the-scenes industry insight and training from renowned travel experts and success coaches!
Full-time customer support and travel concierge service to assist with personal bookings!
Unlimited access to luxury holiday travel worldwide at deep discounts not available to the general public!

You will have access to thousands of luxurious resorts, hotels, beach villas, international cruises and other travel benefits and riveting attractions worldwide including Asia and Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South America and popular tourist destinations in the United States and Canada. Along with the exclusive discounted international travel at your fingertips, we’ll also provide you with marketing collateral and the latest cutting edge technology to streamline the time spent running your home business.

Your customers will include business executives, boomers and retirees, newlyweds, families and singles. Work at home or abroad. Enjoy the rewards of promoting a product that brings immense joy to others and creates memories that last a lifetime.

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Who doesn’t enjoy travel?

Few careers provide the level of pride and joy our business associates feel when offering families, singles, high-net-worth individuals and retirees with exclusive discounts on plush accommodations, entrance to exotic getaways most only dream about and a treasure chest of memories that will last a lifetime. The world of luxury travel is truly one-of-a-kind, and our business owners discover this difference the moment they talk with their first prospect.
Meet your customers.

Work in an exciting and booming industry, the largest in the world estimated to be worth an astounding $8 trillion and positioned to grow to $14 trillion by 2015, due in part to an increasing demand for luxury travel by retired baby boomers.

Parents, families and grandparents planning exhilarating trips during summer vacation
Solo travelers and singles seeking fun, adventure and entertainment
High-net-worth business professionals and executives looking to relax and unwind
Newlyweds seeking romance, togetherness and lifelong memories
Graduates celebrating their monumental accomplishment
Retirees visiting family and experiencing all the world has to offer

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We’ve changed the lives of men and women worldwide.
Pauline, Queensland, Australia
Jeff, Minnesota, USA
Gary, Gold Coast, Australia
Lynda, Western Australia
Lillian, New York, USA
I am a part time corporate accountant and full-time caregiver for elderly parents. Everyone knows that most accountants do not have a lifestyle to speak of during tax season from January to April so I began a search for income opportunities that would give me the income, lifestyle and time freedom I desired.
I wanted a business where there was huge potential. Travel is the world’s largest industry at over $8 trillion spent annually worldwide. I needed a business that would enable me to make money even if I wasn’t there working. A business where I wasn’t trading my time for money. Our compensation plan is second to none. We can actually earn our advertising dollars back within the first couple of sales plus we actually earn income when the people you bring into the business make sales. I love it.
I wanted to be doing something that gave me flexibility and didn’t tie me down to one place. The internet has enabled me to create such a wonderful business that I can run from anywhere in the world provided I do have my laptop and thanks to the way I’ve set up my business much of what I do is highly automated giving me the time freedom that I’ve yearned for in a home based business. And now here is the fun part – in my first 11 days in my business I actually netted a few thousands dollars in income and my friend who told me about this business made a couple of thousand more from me without actually doing anything. Isn’t that wonderful!
Katherine, Sydney, Australia
I’ve worked in the Management Consulting industry for many years, though once I had children I found consulting quite challenging due to the lack of control I had around where and when I was required to work.
So I started to research opportunities to diversify my income by doing something in my spare time from home that I really enjoyed, with a view to being able to shift from being an ‘employee’ to being able to work for myself on my terms. And with this home business I found it. The reason I chose this business came down to the exceptional travel portal product, the thriving independent business owner community and of course the financial benefits the compensation plan provides.
Travel has always been a really big part of my life, so I was thrilled to discover this unique opportunity which not only gives us incredible savings on our family travel, but most importantly is now providing us the lifestyle flexibility we need.
Now I work only for myself. I still do some ad-hoc consulting work, but it’s on my terms, and I love running my own business and being able to work from wherever I choose! If you’re looking to create your own ideal lifestyle, or just really love travelling the world at great prices, do take a serious look at our business. It may just be the perfect lifestyle fit for you too.
Will you be the next to launch a successful home business in one of the most exciting and lucrative industries in the world?
Exclusive travel portal with huge travel discounts
Executive income potential – Earn up to $2000 per sale
Weekly payplan with generous company bonuses
Run your entire business completely from home
Ready to go quality websites
Training and personal support provided
No products to stock or ship
No hassling friends or family
No home parties to host
No presentations to make
No cold calling
No pyramid, MLM or email scams


Hello and welcome,

I’m a medical laboratory scientist and my husband Rick, is an industrial electrical contractor. We love being parents to our young girls Courtney and Jessica, our daughters enrich our lives, and give us a sense of purpose. Like most parents we wanted to be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for our children and have more leisure time with them, particularly while they were still young. However the time demands of both of our jobs meant that we didn’t have the time freedom that we desired, and of course all of those endless bills still needed to be paid.

We searched for an income that could be generated from home, investing time and money into share trading, the foreign exchange market and internet marketing. It was clear that a home based business with a popular product that could be marketed online was the ideal business for us.

Fortunately I discovered this exciting home based travel business in May 2011, it’s provided us with travel benefits to luxury destinations around the world at massively reduced prices. The luxury family holidays that we only dreamt about have now become a reality and we are loving the change in our lifestyle that a 5-figure monthly income makes.

Being your own boss and knowing that you are creating financial freedom for yourself and your family is very exciting. Because of the incredibly high income I have earned from this amazing business I have been able to give up all of my permanent employment at the hospital where I worked. I no longer have to spend 3 hours a day travelling to and from work, instead I now enjoy working from my home office, choosing my own hours and enjoying a much higher income.

I have found this business to be genuine, ethical and very profitable, with support from people who truly care about your success. To understand how this business can be the solution to giving you the lifestyle of your dreams, complete the ONLINE FORM to view a Video Presentation.

Julie Freeman
Australia: 03 9717 4264
New Zealand: 09 889 8776
America: 310 598 2096
Skype ID: Julie.freeman5


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